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EnergyPlus Tutorial Notes

These are the notes taken while preparing for the E+ tutorial at UCL in October-December 2019

Software Required

  1. For viewing/editting text files, Notepad++:
  2. For viewing ESO/MTR results, xEsoView:, or DesignBuilder Results Viewer:
  3. For viewing geometry, e.g. DXF, use autodesk viewers:
  4. For viewing geometry (and model details) directly from IDF: Sketchup + OpenStudio plugin, Sketchup 2017:, OpenStudio v2.6 (for E+ v8.9):

Online Tutorials

There are a number of good online resources available for learning EnergyPlus from scratch. These include:

  1. The official E+ website and documentation:
  2. Tutorial videos by GARDAnalytics:
  3. For questions and answers, UnmetHours:, lots of helpful people there

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