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jEPlus+EA v2 Key Features

Version 2.1.0 Beta

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jEPlus+EA v2.x is a comprehensive GUI for performing parametric, uncertainty, sensitivity, and optimisation analyses using EnergyPlus and TRNSYS models. It is fully integrated with and relies on the JEA Web Service (Terms and Conditions apply). The current releases are free to use for non-commercial purposes.

  • For creating and managing projects: you can create, run and monitor multiple parametric and optimisation projects through the JEA Web platform
  • For collaboration: supports projects sharing between users, and accessing project data from anywhere on the internet
  • For simulation: supports both EnergyPlus and TRNSYS local simulations through jEPlus, and online EnergyPlus simulations through the JESS service
  • For parametric analysis: flexible ways to set up a parametric run using a sub-set of the search space, and run simulations in user-controlled batches
  • For uncertainty analysis: supports many continuous and discrete probabilistic distributions for input uncertainty; descriptive statistics and histogram data available directly from the results
  • For sensitivity analysis: supports multiple linear regression (MLR), Morris and Sobol methods for global sensitivity analysis; local sensitivity analysis can be done using one-at-a-time parametric runs
  • For optimisation: provides an enhanced NSGA2-based algorithm for constrained and multi-objective optimisation effective and efficient for most types of continuous, discrete and hybrid optimisation problems
  • For “explorative” design: optimisation-assisted interactive design space exploration facilitated by the functions for:
    • performing different analyses in the same search space while preserving the results;
    • defining a sub-set of the search space to explore;
    • changing the evaluation metrics (objectives and constraints etc.) on-the-fly;
    • filtering and visualising results using inputs, outputs and meta info of the solutions.
  • For data analysis and visualisation: a variety of data analysis and visualisation tools are provided in jEPlus+EA v2 and the JEA Web Portal, including:
    • Scatter plot with flexible highlighting and selection functions;
    • Cross-filters, parallel-coordinates and scatter plot matrix charts on the JEA Web portal;
    • Sensitivity report through the JEA Web portal.
  • For accessing/assessing individual solutions: select and view solution details, including simulation output files and user-generated charts/diagrams, directly from the scatter plot