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jEPlus+EA v2 Quick Start Guide

Version 2.1, © 2019, 2020 Energy Simulation Solutions Ltd

[This manual is under construction]

On this page we look at how you should prepare the jEPlus project and load it into jEPlus+EA for a sensitivity analysis followed by optimisation.

1. Install jEPlus+EA v2

Let's start with getting and installing jEPlus+EA v2. The program is written in Java and distributed as a zip archive containing the main JAR file, the supporting files and an example project. You can download the distribution package from here:

Get jEPlus+EA v2

Before launching jEPlus+EA v2, you may also need to:

  1. Download and install Java Runtime Environment 8 (JRE 8) from Most PCs and laptops have 64bit operating systems, so make sure you have selected the x64 version of JRE for your OS.
  1. Get and install the desired version of EnergyPlus or TRNSYS; take note of where it is installed on your HDD.
  1. If you plan to use scripts, such as Python and R, in your jEPlus projects, install the language platforms and take note of where they are installed.
  1. If you want to ENSIMS' JESS online simulation service to run EnergyPlus simulations, you need to fill in this form to request a user name and a password. These are different from the ENSIMS web platform account you need to register in the next section.
  1. Download the latest jEPlus+EA v2 package using the link above, and extract its contents to a folder. The contents of the extract folder should look like those in the screenshot.
  1. Launch jEPlus+EA v2 by either using the included batch/shell script files. The GUI program can be launched in either jEPlus or jEPlus+EA mode, using the respective batch files run-jEPlus.bat and run-jEPlus+EA.bat. Please note that double-clicking on jEPlus+EA.jar to start the program is NOT recommended.

2. Lauch for the First time

Launching the program for the first time, you will see a couple of error messages in the terminal window. This is normal, and the reported missing files will be created automatically.

Once the GUI is shown, a log-on dialogue will appear, prompting you to put in the email address and the password you have registered on the ENSIMS Web platform. If you haven't done so, please click on Register an account link on the log-on dialogue, which will open a web browser and take you to JEA web portal where you can find a link to create an account.

The registration process is quick and easy. You only need to provide a valid email address and your name, an activation email will then be sent to your email address. There you can find a link to set the password, after which you will be able to log on to the system. Use this email address and password to connect to JEA service from jEPlus+EA v2.

If successful, you will see a few projects are already there on the Project List tab. These are the example or other projects shared with you. You can open the existing projects, or start creating new ones.

3. Prepare the jEPlus Project

jEPlus+EA v2 is built for jEPlus projects. However, in order to make setting up parametric and optimisation analyses easier, you check the following things when preparing the project.

  • The jEPlus project is used for running local EnergyPlus or TRNSYS simulations as well as running EnergyPlus simulations remotely on JESS, hence it is important to set it up correctly and tested before going to the next step.
  • The parameter definitions and the optional fields of the results extraction options will be imported into jEPlus+EA v2 for creating new JEA projects. These definitions can be edited in jEPlus+EA v2.
  • You test the jEPlus project by running simulations on a random sample and checking especially the AllDerivedResults table to make sure that the project is working correctly

4. Create a New JEA Project

5. JEA Project controls

6. Updating the Project

7. View results in jEPlus+EA v2

8. View Project online

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