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jEPlus+EA v1.7 User's Guide

Version 1.7, ©2016-2018 Energy Simulation Solutions Ltd


To download jEPlus+EA v1.x, you need to register and log on to

Download jEPlus+EA v1.x


1. Background - Introduction to optimization, Evolutionary Algorithms etc.

2. Why jEPlus+EA - The concept of jEPlus+EA and future development.

3. Key features - The key features of jEPlus+EA illustrated with screenshots.

4. Prepare project - Description of how to prepare a jEPlus project for optimization.

5. Run optimization - Step-by-step guide to running an optimization project in the GUI.

6. View results - Description of the various charts can be used to view optimization results.

7. Use command-line - Details of jEPlus+EA's command-line options and examples.

8. Model calibration example - An example application of jEPlus+EA for model calibration.