ENSIMS Web Service and Tools (JESS, JEA, JBODY)

Version 1.0, © 2020 Energy Simulation Solutions Ltd

The EnergyPlus and Radiance online simulation service (JESS), the parametrics/sensitivity/optimisation platform (JEA) and the online human thermoregulatory model (JBODY) offered by Energy Simulation Solutions Ltd., the company behind the development of jEPlus and jEPlus+EA, are accessible through a new web interface, collectively called the ENSIMS Web Service. This site provides the technical details, instructions and examples of using the platform.


The ENSIMS Web Service platform is accessible using a RESTful API, which is detailed in the corresponding sections. This page provides a summary of the technologies behind each service.

Details of the API of the ENSIMS Web Service are available here:

  • Users API - Authentication, account management, file upload/download
  • JEA API - Parametric, sensitivity analysis, optimisation engine
  • JESS API - Online simulation service for EnergyPlus
  • JBODY API - Web-based interface for the Fiala human thermoregulatory model


Key features

  • On-the-fly controllability including process, algorithm configuration, evaluation metrics, and search space.
  • Supports parametrics, random and quasi-random sampling/sensitivity analyses, constrained single-/multi-objective optimisation.
  • Full project data including the exploration history and the details of the explored solutions in JSON format.
  • Access control and project/data sharing through the online platform.
  • All functions accessible through the REST API.

How to access

The JEA Web Portal is accessible here: https://app.ensims.com/jea/. You need to register an ENSIMS Web Service account to use the service.


The JEplus Simulation Service (JESS) is an online server for running EnergyPlus and Radiance simulations on the ENSIMS' hybrid-cloud. Most of the jobs are executed on our on-premise cluster using the best computing nodes that are most suitable for the types of jobs. For large parametric simulations, additional cloud computing resources may be employed. In this way, JESS can deliver the best turn-around time for the users.

Key features

JESS offers some unique features to run E+ simulations online using ENSIMS' high-performance computing facilities.

  • Support both EnergyPlus simulations and jEPlus projects
  • Transparently support all E+ versions from V7.0 and above, with new versions added as soon as they are released
  • Unique run period-split method, delivering 5x acceleration on average while maintaining compatibility and accuracy in most use cases
  • Accessible using either a small client program for drop-in replacement of EnergyPlus.exe, or using the web API
  • Additional data access and viewer support through the web service

How to access

The JESS Web Portal is available here: https://app.ensims.com/jess/. You need to register an ENSIMS Web Service account first, and then request a separate JESS account to run simulations on JESS. Here are the instructions on how to do so.


Key features

  • Fiala model with a web-based interface and API

How to access

The JBODY Web Portal is accessible here: https://app.ensims.com/jbody/. You need to register an ENSIMS Web Service account to use the service.