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jEPlus Projects

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This page lists jEPlus projects available to download. These projects can be used as examples or serve as the basis of your own investigation.

DOE Commercial Reference Buildings (Chicago)

Ref Buildings simulation time

This benchmark set contains the 16 DOE Commercial Reference Buildings for U.S. climate zone 5A (Chicago, IL). The building types include Large/Median/Small Offices, Warehouse, Stand-alone Retail/Strip Mall/Supermarket, Primary/Secondary Schools, Quick/Full Service Restaurants, Hospital, Outpatient Health Care, Small/Large Hotels, and Midrise Apartment, with floor area ranging from 250 sqr.m to 50,000 sqr.m.

Average simulation time of these models on an ENSIMS K890 is under 2 minutes.

Download: RefBuildings Benchmark Set v8.1 - v8.6


DOC Benchmark Model Set

DOC Benchmark models

This benchmark set is designed to represent typical building models that practitioners create using DesignBuilder. It aims to represent more realistic scenarios, where simulation times and simulation output levels can vary widely.

The models represent different designs of an office building of ~3,000 square meters of total floor area. Different construction types, HVAC systems, lighting control, and ventilation strategies have been used. Unsurprisingly, the models using phase change materials (PCMs) in the construction have the longest simulation time.

Download: DOC Benchmark models v8.0 - v8.6

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UK Office Building Archetypal Models

Figure 1: Office building model archetypes

jEPlus project presented here coupled four office building models (Fig. 1) with thirteen parameters (Fig. 2) such as construction of building envelope, size and construction of fenestration areas, daylight and solar control measures, indoor environment parameters, occupancy, and activity-related parameters. The ranges of parameter values are applicable to the UK office building stock. Detailed description of establishing parameter values is presented in the journal paper.

Reference: Korolija, I., Marjanovic-Halburd, L., Zhang, Y. and Hanby, V.I. 2013. UK office buildings archetypal model as methodological approach in development of regression models for predicting building energy consumption from heating and cooling demands. Energy and Buildings 60, pp. 152–162. link

Download: UK office buildings archetypal models v7.2

Download: UK office buildings archetypal models v8.0

Download: UK office buildings archetypal models v8.1

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Fig.1 Benchmarks

EnergyPlus Benchmark Model Set

This set of models are selected from the examples shipped with EnergyPlus software. All models perform annual simulation and generate a same set of outputs for comparison purpose. This set can be used for testing differences between E+ versions, or for testing computer speed, as seen in the benchmark results.

Download: Benchmark set from E+ example models v7.0/7.1/7.2/8.0/8.1/8.2/8.3/8.4/8.5/8.6

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