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JEPlus – An EnergyPlus simulation manager for parametrics

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Latest news

30/11/2019: jEPlus v2.0 Beta is available to download from SourceForge

18/11/2019: About to release jEPlus v2.0. jEPlus+EA v2.0, which is based on the JEA SaaS engine, will follow shortly

12/05/2018: jEPlus and jEPlus+EA have been updated to v1.7.2 and v1.7.7 beta, respectively. These are likely to be the last service update for v1.x. The next release will be v2.0.

17/08/2017: It's been a while since the last update. Well, the good news is that JEA is coming and the new jEPlus+EA will run not only optimisation, but also parametric projects and sensitivity analyses.

EPW resources search

07/11/2016: New online tools for EnergyPlus and other simulation users are under development at ENSIMS. They will eventually be integrated into the JESS service. Some of them are useful already on their own, such as the EPW resources map (require access to Google Maps) and the ESO viewer.

21/09/2016: New version of jEPlus v1.7 Beta is available to download. You can now use Python scripts for manipulating EnergyPlus models and input parameters. Also included are Sobol sampling and more probabilistic distribution profiles.

If you receive this error message: Job xxxxx [REJECTED] - Cannot find any job in job list /data/jess/temp/xxxx/xxxx/jobs.txt when trying to run simulations on the JESS server, it means you need to update jEPlus+EA to v1.7.

jEPlus+EA Key Features

31/03/2016: The new jEPlus+EA v1.7.6_beta incorporates many changes to help visualize optimisation results.

01/03/2016: jEPlus v1.6.3 and jEPlus+EA v1.7_beta_01 are available

20/01/2016: The source code of jEPlus is now hosted on GitHub:

25/09/2015: Here is a simple example explaining the process of model calibration using jEPlus+EA. Project files are available to download.

16/09/2015: JESS Client v2.2.0 and jEPlus+EA v1.6 beta are available to download.

08/09/2015: A screencast showing how to use jEPlus with SimLab 2.2 for sensitivity analysis is available on YouTube. If you cannot access YouTube, the video can also be downloaded here: simlab-jeplus_example.mp4

01/09/2015: jEPlus v1.6.0 is available to download on SourceForge. Users Manual has also been updated.

06/07/2015: Dolf Bakker at Imtech made a workshop on the workflow of parametric modelling using OS/E+/jEPlus. He's kindly sharing the slides here.

26/06/2015: jEPlus v1.5.2 is a service release to fix a bug on ReadVarsEso extraction. It is available to download from SourceForge.

Run-period split post

25/06/2015: JESS now supports run-period split method for accelerating E+ annual simulations. For more information please see the post on LinkedIn

24/02/2015: The latest DesignBuilder V4 Beta package is now shipped with JESS Client 2.0. You can access JESS from DesignBuilder straight after installation. See: download DesignBuilder, JESS Client help

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