Create and Update Project

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The Create Project and the Update Project commands are a little more complex than other commands, as they are all you need to set up, configure, and re-configure your JEA projects.

Create lets you send a comprehensive set of project data (the Command Object) to the JEA service. These data include the problem definition, the exploration strategy configuration, and the model information, so that a new project can be created. Update, on the other hand, allows you to send parts of the command object to modify an existing project. The details of the data objects are covered here.

A valid JWT token must be included in the header, or the transaction will be rejected with an HTTP 401 Unauthorized error code. The result of the operation will be reported in an Engine Response object.


The Command Object

A Create command has the “Create” command code in the data object, and must provide both the Problem Definition and Algorithm Configuration fields.

An Update command has the “Update” command code. It can contain either the Problem Definition or the Algorithm Configuration field, or both.

More details of the members of the command object are provided here.

Engine Response

Result of the operation is returned as an engine response object as seen in the example here:

  "description": "EA Engine of project circle has been created.",
  "ok": true

If the project already exists, the response may be:

  "description": "Failed to create EA engine: project name circle is already in use.",
  "ok": false

Example using curl://

To send the Create/Update Project command using curl:

curl \
    -b cookies  \
    -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
    -X POST \
    -d '{"command": "Create", "projectID": "circle", "problem": { ... }, "config": { ... }, "smData": { ... }}'

On successful operation, an engine response object is returned. If the existing JWT is invalid, an HTTP 401 Unauthorized code will be returned.

Example using Python Requests

Make sure Requests is correctly installed in your Python environment, and run the following the lines:

import requests

headers = {
	'Content-Type': 'application/json'
body = {
	"command": "Create", 
	"projectID": "circle", 
	"problem": { ... }, 
	"config": { ... }, 
	"smData": { ... }

# Create/Update 'circle' project 

# Make a request with the stored cookies from the log on transaction
r ='', headers=headers, json=body, cookies=cookies)