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jEPlus+EA Key Features

jEPlus+EA, Version 1.4, © 2013,

  • Full-fledged optimisation tool for EnergyPlus
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jEPlus+EA v1.4 GUI
  • Out-of-the-box support for jEPlus projects, with user-defined objective functions
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Built-in jEPlus for editing projects
  • Highly efficient multi-objective (up to 10!) optimisation method based on a customized NSGA-II
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Multi-objective EA with live control
  • Built-in remote simulation function through JESS Client
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Run simulations remotely with the JESS Client
  • Scatter plot for inspecting individual solutions
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View solution details on the scatter plot
  • Frequency histograms for visualizing distribution of parameter values within the solutions
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Which design parameter is more important? Check it out with the parameter histogram
  • Table view for easy sorting and exporting (through copy-and-paste) results
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Want to analyse the results in your own way? Copy-and-paste data in the table view to your spreadsheet app
  • Automatically saves solution data to avoid loss of work during a long run
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Load previously saved workspace and continute optimisation from where it was left off
  • And, of course, full-featured command-line interface for automated optimisation tasks
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Run jEPlus+EA from the command-line