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Null_Model mode

This is a special mode of jEPlus+EA to run optimisation without performing any actual E+ simulations. A fully valid jEPlus project is still need to be provided. However, jEPlus+EA only skips model simulation and calls result collection functions (as defined in RVX) directly. In this way, model calculations can be done using the scripts section of the RVX and with Python code.

How does it work

In the Null_Model mode, jEPlus+EA writes a job list file named jobs.txt to the output folder. This file contains a list of job definitions, including the job id and the parameter values. The Python script, as specified in the RVX file of the project, can read in this job list, and make calculations using the parameter values of each job, and write results to a CSV table. jEPlus+EA can then use this output to perform optimisation.

How to use it

There is an example included in the download package. Opening the jEPlus+EA GUI, it should load the project automatically. You should edit the Python code ( to suit your need. Please note the example Python script requires Python 3 and the SciPy stack to be installed on your computer.

Get jEPlus+EA

To download the version of jEPlus+EA supporting this function, click on the link below:

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