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JESS Client API (v3)

(Version v3.0.0)

This page describes in detail how to use the JESS Client's APIs. For command-line usage, please see JESS Client Command-Line (v3)

[This page is under construction]


The JESS Client communicates with the JESS server using a proprietary set of protocols. Users usually do not need the details of the protocols. Instead, they can use the Client Command-line and APIs to carry out all transactions. This document provides details of the command-line interface. The main user functions of the JESS Client is accessible through the command-line arguments. They can be used either as an external program, e.g. by executing java -jar jess_client_v3.jar [OPTIONS], or by calling the public static void jess.client.Main.main(String [] args) function. <note important>Most commands end with a System.exit() call in the main() function. So be careful when use the Client in this way in your own program. For better integration, use the APIs in JEPlusSimulationServiceUser and JESSClient classes</note>

API summary

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