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Use JESS Client with Legacy OpenStudio Plug-in

To be able to run EnergyPlus simulations remotely you need to do the following:

  1. If you have not installed the JESS Client for EP-Launch, please follow the steps 1 to 5 on the Instructions page
  2. If your EnergyPlus v7.2 is installed in C:\EnergyPlusV7-2-0\, create a new text file named runJESSclient.bat in that folder
  3. Edit runJESSclient.bat (right click on the file name, and select edit), and paste in the following line:
    java -jar "C:\EnergyPlusV7-2-0\JESS_Client_v1.3 build 5"\JESS_Client.jar -cfg "C:\EnergyPlusV7-2-0\JESS_Client_v1.3 build 5"\client.cfg -log "C:\EnergyPlusV7-2-0\JESS_Client_v1.3 build 5"\log4j.cfg -job ./ -type STD_SINGLE_JOB -output ./
  4. Save runJESSclient.bat. If you are on a Mac or your EnergyPlus v7.2 is installed elsewhere, please adjust the paths accordingly
  5. Start Google SketchUp, and go to menu “Plugins > Legacy OpenStudio > Preferences”. In the Preferences window (see screenshot below), browse to C:\EnergyPlusV7-2-0\runJESSclient.bat in the EnergyPlus Engine section
  6. Click on OK to confirm changes.

Now if you run simulation within OpenStudio plugin, the simulation job will be sent to the DMU cluster.