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Here are extended packages for jEPlus, therefore 'jEPlus+'. The reason why these packages are kept behind locked doors is mainly because of experimental nature of these developments.

Needless to say, software downloaded from this page offers absolutely no warranty of any kind. Please bear in mind that you are using it at your own risk.

JESS Client (with EP-Launch and Legacy OpenStudio Sketchup Plug-in support)

This is the standalone version of JESS Client, for existing jEPlus users submitting projects for remote simulation (See User's Guide). DesignBuilder users please go to the next section.

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JESS Client for DesignBuilder Simulation Manager

Through the new JobServer function provided in the latest DesignBuilder Beta package, it is possible to send simulation jobs, especially those of the optimisation process, to the JESS server on the DMU cluster. For how to setup the necessary components, and connect to the JESS server, please read the full document.

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jEPlus+EA is designed with an aim to remove the barrier to entry into the field of optimization, for existing jEPlus users at least. If you have already got a jEPlus project, you can use jEPlus+EA (almost) out of the box, and see optimization results extremely quickly. There is very little configuration you will have to do. The necessary controls are (or will be) provided on the GUI. For example, you can control the population size, crossover rate and mutation rate on-the-fly, as well as manage your computing resources for the job… (Read the full document)

Download: (updated 31 January, 2013. This version supports extracting tabular data, e.g. construction cost or chiller capacity, from eplusout.sql, and uses them as optimisation objectives.)